The SFI Group of Companies or SFI Group is the Holdings and Management Corporation of the leading organization and “pillar” of human resource, outsourcing and workforce management in the Philippines – Servicio Filipino, Incorporated (SFI). From its humble beginnings more than 53 years ago, Servicio Filipino, Inc. has given birth to five (5) other independent but complementary business corporations that have expanded SFI Group’s expertise, industry verticals and operations network nationwide.


The Holding and Management Corporation now leads and runs six (6) independent business subsidiary corporations, which is spearheaded by the “flagship” company, Servicio Filipino, Inc. (SFI), and complemented by BusinessTrends (A Kelly Services Company), Temps & Staffers, SFI CareerCenter, SFI International and SFI Management Consultancy.


One of SFI Group’s main thrusts for the organization is to position itself properly in preparation for the future global economy.


Knowing that the Asia-Pacific region would be the center of economic activity and growth by 2020, SFI Group must be able to align itself to the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) Economic Integration and build its strategy in addressing the economic “boom” that would be led by China and India for the region.

Our focus for the past five years has been in building our local and global partnerships.

Our top management is very confident that the framework or business model SFI Group and its subsidiaries are built and founded on is going to become the vehicle by which SFI Group will go “global” successfully.

Partners in Business, Partners in Life!

If our clients are our reason and the purpose for our business’ existence, our internal people are the heart and soul of the business while our external staff is definitely lifeline.


In launching our vision, SFI Group also had to come up with a meaningful slogan that can depict the reality and the truth on how it has built and nurtured its relationships in business for the past 50 years.

We had to base our slogan on the value of the web of relationships we have made and through the years. We believe we have created the most appropriate slogan for our business – “Partners in Business, Partners in Life.”

The truthfulness in this slogan lies on the fact that the partnerships we have with our clients have given life to our company.

Furthermore, we have provided for the lives of our people and staff.

We have partnered with communities in which we operate and have helped in building local economies and in providing sustainable living to the people we have employed.