SFI Group, SuccessDNA converge for career development training

SFI Group, SuccessDNA converge for career development training

With two of the Institute of Career Certification International’s (ICCI) Board of Governors as esteemed guests, employees across the SFI Group of Companies participated in career development training from 31st August to 2nd September 2017.

Bannered as a “3-Day Career Development Training for SFI Group of Companies” and anchored on the concept of an “Integrative Approach to Career Services”, the meeting of minds saw ICCI Chairman Allan Gatenby, CMF and long-standing SFI Group partner and Suzhou Success Partners founder Dr. Brian Schwartz, CMF guide the participants through a concise course on CareerDNA debriefing.

The course also tackled the application of staple concepts such as assessment, profiling, strategic branding and extraneous variable management to CareerDNA debriefing and workshops on personal branding and self-marketing.

Participant engagement defined the sessions as Mr. Gatenby and Dr. Schwartz constantly approached them for their ideas during discussions. Those in attendance demonstrated their newfound grasp of the concepts discussed as they contributed to the enrichment of the dialogues.

The participants earned certificates for completing the training at the end of the third day, with SFI Group President and CEO Luis Alberto Anastacio – himself a recipient – joining Mr. Gatenby and Dr. Schwartz in awarding them.