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The SFI Group of Companies has been at the forefront of human capital development since its flagship company Servicio Filipino Inc. opened its doors in 1961.

Today, it has become a Holding and Management Corporation of five (5) complementing companies, with a combined network of 21 offices nationwide. We have provided more than fifteen thousand (15,000) personnel to around five hundred (500) clientele in the country with services ranging from sourcing, recruitment and staffing, workforce management solutions, specialized outsourcing services, integrated facilities management solutions, and talent supply chain management. SFI Group is a leader in workforce management – upskilling and enhancing the talent pool and thus addressing the needs not only of our diverse clientele but of the country as well.

Leading by example, we empower our teams to reach their full potential through proper guidance. We believe in people and the immense potential of growth they possess. With over half a century of service behind us, our track record already speaks for itself; but as a company that values excellence, we continue to improve our services for all our shareholders.

We live within and nurture a growing ecology of partnerships – our clients, industry boards, academic institutions, chambers, and government agencies all for upskilling the Filipino Workforce for global employment. As a robust company developing a competitive human capital, we take specific and purposive action to make this vision a reality through establishing partnerships and initiatives with local and international organizations.

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