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Habit Formation

Habit Formation is the process in which behaviors
are formed and cultivated

A habit is built through repetition and routine. Habits are shaped while people pursue their goals. The SF Habit Formation started in 2020 during the time of uncertainty - a time of crisis as the COVID-19 Pandemic swept the nation and the world. The goal of the program was to unite the different companies and be able to work together through Him.

The SFI Group Habit Formation program starts with God first. It is through Him that we find our daily purpose and we discern our tasks everyday. It is through Him we learn to transform ourselves to be proactive, begin with the end in mind and put first things first. We begin change in ourselves before we learn to collaborate and synergize with others.


Successful and fulfilled people don't get there by accident - purpose is key. And there's no greater source of purpose than God.

That's why God is integral to these 9 habits for effective people. Based on the 7 Habits framework by educator and businessman Stephen R. Covey, this modified template incorporates a spiritual dimension - how we commune with God, and how He mediates our connections with others. Through communing with Him daily, we realize our mission and become able to form the lifestyle that will help us accomplish it.

God delights in our victories and triumphs: they are testament to His great work in creating us and giving us lives to live to the fullest. He is always on our side, His every act designed to aid His children and all of creation. Let God's gentle and loving hand be the unfailing guide to everything you want to achieve, and let His wisdom illuminate the path you must tread to reach your dreams.