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SFI Group is the Holdings and Management Corporation of 5 Subsidiary Business Units

These companies were established to complement each other’s businesses – Resources, Expertise, Talent Pool, Best Practices , Industries and Clientele.

Our Subsidiaries
Five Companies, One Goal – “Building a Global Competitive Filipino Workforce”

Our group’s focus and thrust are Collaboration and Partnerships. We live in an “ecology” of partnerships – our clients, our people, our external staff, the communities & environment, the nation and the world.

Servicio Filipino, Inc.

Servicio Filipino, Inc. (SFI) is the flagship company of the SFI Group of Companies. It is the undisputed leader in providing total human resource solutions and quality services in engineering, property management, building management, and technical services for over half a century.

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Temps and Staffers Inc.

Temps and Staffers, Inc. (TSI) is an all-Filipino company whose expertise is in human resource placement and consultancy. Established in 1990, TSI enjoys nationwide reach in pursuit of its mission to develop globally competitive Filipino professionals.

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BusinessTrends is the leading provider of workforce management solutions. We help you draw solutions to meet the challenge of workforce flexibility by providing outsourcing solutions fit to your needs.

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SFI CareerCenter

SFI CareerCenter is a total workforce solutions provider for people like you, seeking to uplift their careers and live the life you choose without sacrificing your life purpose. We do this by offering professional services in career coaching through the scientific process of career mapping.

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TalentSource is the newest company under the SFI Group of Companies. An IT enabled company focused on creations of online platforms, IT & Media consulting and systems provider for private companies, professional organizations and public agencies. Officially opened in December 2015, TalentSource is one of the fastest rising online platforms in the market.

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Our Services
Integrated Facilities Management

Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) revolutionizes the way we deliver our business solutions.

Service Contracting

Service Contracting is the core competency of Temps and Staffers, Inc., reflecting our determination to elevate every Filipino worker at par with global standards.

Professional and Technical Recruitment

With BusinessTrends, our recruiters are highly trained and well-connected to various industry specialists.

Market Survey and Research

Deploy a market survey to get insights about your clients and customers with real time results.

Construction, Engineering and Technical Services

This service ranges from engineering consulting and total project management to specialized technical maintenance outsourcing and constructing management, operating under Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) license for small to medium-sized private projects to various industry specialists.

Career Coaching Services

This service intends to help students, job seekers, trainees, school leavers, employees, and business leaders to better understand themselves, their environment, and the interaction of both through a helping process.

Get to know us and what we can do to bring out the best in your business.