SFI Group graced the PESO Map meeting with a Workforce Vision: The Philippine TalentMap© Initiative (PTMI)

SFI Group graced the PESO Map meeting with a Workforce Vision:  The Philippine TalentMap© Initiative (PTMI)

Koronadal City, South Cotabato, Mindanao – Armed with a blessing from DOLE-BLE, SFI Group presented the project details of the Philippine Talent Map Initiative (PTMI), among the twenty five (25) PESO managers from the different field offices in the Philippines. Said project is an initiative that will be conducted by SFI Group, in coordination with DOLE-BLE and PESO field offices (FOs). Seventeen (17) cities within the National Capital Region (NCR) will be participating for the pilot implementation, while the selected provinces on the roll-out.

Mr. Luis Alberto Anastacio, President and CEO of SFI Group of Companies acquainted the participants on the philosophical underpinnings of the initiative vis-à-vis the current trends and issues of the workforce. He has also given snippets of the other projects conducted by SFI Group in Bataan, and shown how important was the linkage amongst schools, industries, local government units (LGUs) and communities in implementing a program addressing the issues and problems of the present workforce. Ms. Gina Jusay, Programs and Operations Head of SFI Career Center, strengthened the statements of Mr. Anastacio through the presentation of the steps, procedures and specifics of the project. Meanwhile, Mr. Richard Monteverde, Senior Career Coach and Head Researcher of SFI Group answered a few questions regarding the initiative’s end-in-mind, together with Mr. Anastacio.

Afterwhich, reactions such as the funding benefactor(s), schedule of implementation, partnerships with schools and other institutions, management of multiple workloads were the concerns raised by some of the key individuals from the PESO group. Nevertheless, everyone was looking forward for the project’s roll-out on some of the provinces. To show their excitement, some even shared valuable insights on how the project can build upon the findings, specifically be replicated and implemented on a wider scope and be contextualized, in consideration of the scope and delimitations of some locales.

Finally, Ms. Vissia Marie P. Aldon, current President of the PESO Map Inc., and PESO Manager of Makati field office, thanked the guests from SFI Group and affirmed the project’s pilot and roll-out, NCR-wide and province-wide, respectively.