SFIGC aligned to one goal

SFIGC aligned to one goal

Last November 27, 2015, the SFI Group of Companies, led by SFI’s CEO and President Lloyd Anastacio, had its Group Strategic Planning at the B Hotel, Scout Rallos, Laging Handa, Quezon City. This was attended by leaders from all of the subsidiaries under the SFI Group of Companies, namely, Servicio Filipino Inc., Temps and Staffers, Business Trends, SFI Career Center, SFI Management Consultancy, and SFI International.

The day started with Mr. Anastacio discussing the story of SFI, how each of the six subsidiary companies are unique, yet complementary. Within each of the six companies is a common passion and shared higher purpose that drives all of them into one powerful unifying vision, to help elevate the Filipino workforce. He then shared how the Anastacio Family has lead the Group through the years, entrusting the Group into God’s hands and appreciating the abundance of blessings that the SFI Group of companies has received through the years, with the tremendous growth that is has achieved. The story was complemented by transformation of the SFI Group, which happened through the combination of the group’s clear intention towards its goal, with the sincerity and passion of its employees. This transformation eventually yielded success for the SFI Group and its subsidiaries.

After sharing the story of the SFI Group of Companies, Mr. Anastacio then introduced the SFI Group to the leaders from each subsidiary. Focusing on how each of the companies were established to complement each other’s business, Mr. Anastacio called for the focus of the group in collaborations and partnerships, building an “ecology of partnership”, with 6 companies and 1 goal, that is to build a globally competitive Filipino workforce. With this, he introduced the 6 current subsidiaries of the SFI Group of Companies, as well as the new subsidiaries and affiliates of the group. Some of these new subsidiaries and affiliates are TalentSource Corporation, A&G Consultants, WerQ Global Solutions, and Orbis Capital Partners.

He then presented the advocacies that the group has been pushing for, which is workforce development. Two of the objectives of the workforce development advocacy has been to bridge the skill gap in the Filipino workforce, as well as helping level and develop the hierarchy of skill of the Filipino Workforce. This is done through multiple programs that the group has been doing, such as LEAD, or the Learning Excellence through Advanced Development, the Up-Skill Program, and LEAP, or the Learning to Earning Apprenticeship Program.

In line with the advocacies, the different partnerships of the group with the public and private sector were also presented. The group’s partnership with private companies and organizations, such as the Philippine Computer Society, SEAMEO-InnoTech, Bagong Henerasyon, PMAP, PCCI, and many others that help with the group’s advocacies and different programs. Likewise, partnerships with government institutions such as DOLE, DSWD, the Provincial Government of Bataan, and PESO offices nationwide have helped strengthen the group to reach its goal of building a globally competitive Filipino workforce.

After the SFI Group of Companies profile has been presented, each of the subsidiaries present during the strategic planning presented the profile of their company, as well as the milestones that their company has achieved, starting with Servicio Filipino Inc. SFI presented their milestones in the recent years, from their Operations to their Human Resource departments. Up next was Business Trends, which likewise shared the milestones of its brief history, as well as their services and current clients. After, it was Temps and Staffers that presented their growth and achievements, with them being recognized by DOLE-ICP with different awards and recognitions. Associated with Temps and Staffers, A&G Consultants likewise briefly presented their plans for the new subsidiary. After Temps and Staffers, a sumptuous lunch was served for the participants, catered by B Hotel.

After lunch, it was SFI Career Center that presented their portfolio and services, including the numerous partnerships that they have made, as well as the programs for the advocacy of the group. Next was TalentSource, one of the new subsidiaries of the group. TalentSource presented what they have accomplished in their short time they have existed, as well as their plans for the future, for the SFI Group and other potential clients. The last subsidiary to present was SFI Management Consultancy, who presented their current service line and clients. SFIMC also revealed to the group the problems they are facing today, as well as possible solutions they would do to solve these problems.

After all the subsidiaries have presented, Mr. Anastacio presented the future of the business framework of the SFI Group of Companies. One of the major frameworks he presented is the interface between education and industry, through the different portals that the group has now hosted, which are the World of WerQ, PhilJobNet, and TalentSource. Furthermore, he also presented the framework of the SFI Group. This framework would start with the Brick and Mortar business of the group, with its sourcing, recruitment, placement, and career coaching and development. Add the group’s strategic planning, with its business partners and intellectual capital partners, and the innovation through the internet and web-based platforms and systems. Combine this with the group’s advocacy, then this framework would launch the group into greater heights and be more successful. The framework presented was then the driving force for the group’s business ecosystem that would build a value driven partnership and ecology towards nation-building.

To close the strategic planning, the leaders from each of the subsidiary were tasked to form groups and identify strategies that would strengthen the collaboration and partnerships between the companies. From the reports they have presented, the following has been identified to be next steps to be undertaken. First, it was common among all that there is a need to create group wide councils for the different departments in the subsidiaries. Also, it was seen that there was a need to identify the specific services of each subsidiary, as well as their expertise and subject matter experts. Once these have been identified, the sharing of these, plus their best practices and recruitment databases as well, between the companies would be the next step. Aside from these, the creation of different group wide materials, such as SFI group marketing collaterals, client management systems, and standard pricing matrix, was also identified as a need. Lastly, it was very important for the group to strengthen the ties with the different partners and the specialization of each company. One of the ways seen to strengthen this is to have regular corporate meetings and planning session, where everyone is included.

The strategic planning was a successful meeting for all of the companies under the SFI Group of Companies. It was a good start on aligning each of the companies on where the SFI Group is going. From this initial meeting, it could be seen that everyone is committed into strengthening the partnerships within the SFI Group of Companies, as well as pushing the group into greater heights, making its advocacy of creating a globally competitive Filipino workforce a reality.