A Glimpse of our 2020 VISION

By 2020, we envision that industries and institutions locally and internationally will see a REVITALIZED SFI. We are confident that what we set to do today will be the rocket fuel that would propel SFI to a bigger and more exciting future – we are set to do LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES.
Aligning professional development and business practices with international standards
• Alignment of Human Resource Practices with the Investors In People (IIP) Standards
Aligning our services with international standards
• Be the 1st company in the Philippines to acquire Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) Certification under ISSA —The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association
• Become an Integrated Management System Quality Certified Organization
Position our company as a company with a higher purpose through our advocacies for Workforce Development, which will be implemented in 81 Provinces / 17 Regions in the Philippines
• Provide a sustainable pool of talent through building the most accurate and up-to-date Labor Market Information (LMI) for the country
• Bridge the gap between the education sector and the industries
• Complement the K-12 Education System and provide 21st Century competency skills
Establish a sustainable Corporate Foundation as such
Global Initiative For Education & Workforce Development Foundation, Inc. (Equipping our students and workforce with skills needed to be competitive in the new global economy)
Talent Map Initiative Foundation, Inc.
(Creating the Talent Map of the Filipino Workforce)
Career Readiness Philippines Foundation, Inc.
(Positioning the Filipino workforce in the local and global workforce market)
L. E. A. P. Foundation, Inc.
(Building our workforce through relevant and practical experience)
Emphasis on Quality, Safety and Environment
• Acquire a LEED Building
• Showcase to LEED & GBC Philippines chapter to adopt the standards for all the green buildings being constructed in the country (the successful program can be the template for replication in ASEAN and APAC)
• Achieve ISO 18000 and ISO14000 Certifications
Global expansion through our shared services
• Establish our Career Development and Recruitment Hub in key areas of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao
• Be known internationally through the International Labour Organisation (ILO)
–Presentation of the biggest Talent Map and the most extensive Workforce Profile to ILO at Geneva, Switzerland
• Expansion in ASEAN region first, then be able to establish our Career Development and Recruitment Hub in 6 Continents of the world, including Oceania (be a key partner with ILO)
Establish new line of services
• Above-the-line Advertising
• Events Management
• Web application development
This vision sets the company’s direction towards a bolder, bigger and brighter future. We are preparing for success. As we do, we recognize that SFI Group’s 2020 Vision is both a process and a deliverable. Set to give you nothing but the best, our team is already on the road paving the way to reach every single plan and make it a success.

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