We believe in the value of education, seeing that it lays foundational skills and equips a person to become more efficient by helping him achieve the legitimate goals of his life with increasing facility. As a company, we invest not only in the professional and personal development of our people and the workforce, but more importantly, in the future of the Filipino youth. We are committed to support endeavors that promote the development of schools and in nurturing the academic performance and personal growth of students. The challenge of finding ways to close the gap between education and the industry and to better prepare students for work are both crucial and very real. This compels us to an initiative that may change the course of the present education system.


Through an E-Learning Curriculum, Assessment and International Certification, our framework can give credential to professional and vocational human resource, especially to students and youths in the Philippines. The SFI Group of Companies is now at the forefront of this initiative that aims to promote K-12 compliance, provide 21st century skills towards career readiness and align workplace competencies and global employability of the Philippine human capital.

In support of the K-12 Basic Education System, we conducted a K-12 Efficacy Study in Bataan last 2014.

ACT Awards ICRC to 322 High School Students in Bataan

More than 300 high school students in Bataan were recently awarded a globally recognized credential that measures essential and foundational workplace skills.
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An Inspiring Story of Success

K-12 KeyTrain Curriculum Efficacy Study in Bataan

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ACT is an independent, not-profit organization that provides a broad array of assessment, research, information, and program management solutions in the areas of education and workforce development. ACT has offices across the United States and throughout the world. In the 1950s, ACT reinvented college admissions in America. ACT’s series of integrated workplace tools creates a comprehensive, evidence-based solution to help individuals meet the rapidly evolving workforce needs of our new economy.

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