What does it mean to be set apart from others? For the SFI Group of Companies, we set standard principles to guide us as individuals called for a higher calling and purpose. Living to provide 0% Reservation, 100% Service.

We value the interests of our clients.
To meet, and, if possible, to exceed the expectations of our clients. We strive to anticipate their needs and develop exceptional solutions to deliver quality services. Confidential information entrusted to us by a client is carefully and properly utilized for the interest of that client alone.

Our integrity and reputation are at the heart of our business.
We adhere to the values and ethical tenets that govern us and comply fully with the letter and spirit of the law. Our people are expected to maintain high ethical standards in their professional and personal lives.

Our people are our most valuable assets.
We carefully select and recruit the very best. We constantly strive to nurture and nourish their personal growth and professional development.

The diversity of our people is the bedrock of our success.
We attract, retain and respect them regardless of their perspectives and backgrounds. Although we encourage individual creativity, teamwork shapes the way we do things at the firm. The interests of the company and our clients are of paramount importance to us.

Excellence is at the core of everything we do.
We have an uncompromising determination to deliver superior professional services to our clients. Creativity and imagination are always encouraged in our quest to find better solutions for our clients’ interests. We take pride in being one of the pioneers in the industry.

We recognize the importance of profitability in ensuring remarkable returns to our shareholders, improving our capital and retaining our people.
The interests of our shareholders and our people are attuned to the significant stock ownership of our employees.

We recognize the highly competitive nature of our industry as we expand our business operations and our relationships with our clients.
But the values and corporate principles that we adhere to mean we should always be fair and must never deride our competitors.

Although our size is bound to become bigger so we can undertake the largest projects in the industry, we are determined to maintain the intimacy and loyalty of a smaller firm.